Plastics industry 4.0

The mission of OSPHIM is to further develop plastics processing manufacturing technologies with the help of data-based methods and expert knowledge.

Transfer to practice

What prevents us from using intelligent algorithms in manufacturing?

The difference between research and practice in the optimisation of injection moulding processes is easily perceptible. In many cases, practice relies on expert knowledge to select process settings, while research increasingly uses specific, data-based approaches to process settings. Machine learning methods traditionally require a lot of data and cause a lot of effort for the user to be able to use the methods profitably. OSPHIM has recognised this problem and transfers the latest research results into easy-to-use and connectable applications via a platform to supplement existing expert knowledge in manufacturing with intelligent algorithms!

OSPHIM is permanently working on making validated methods of artificial intelligence easily accessible for companies, and in doing so, showing where real added value can be generated in your processes!


Experts in plastics technology

Yannik Lockner

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Mauritius Schmitz

Co-Founder & CIO

Louisa Desel

Co-Founder & CEO/CFO

Jakob Pesch

Co-Founder & CPO

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