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Your machine management, data acquisition and monitoring as well as intelligent process optimisation on one platform.

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Innovation @OSPHIM

Added value in production data

OSPHIM offers you a simple step towards value-added digital injection moulding production. Our optimisation algorithms obtain information from a wide variety of simulations and real data sources in order to optimise your production. In order to provide set-up assistance, which supports your process engineers and production staff in optimising process settings, OSPHIM uses algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence validated by high-quality research. Your benefits will be additional process knowledge, efficient process set-up and more focus on problem-solving competence in production!


Single source optimisation

Demanding data science projects pose a variety of challenges for your company. Often many different helpers or service providers are involved in the implementation. With our OSPHIM|BOX we offer the possibility to connect your machnery to a continuous data acquisition. In addition, we provide OSPHIM|WEB as a data science environment to optimise your processes. The holistic offer of OSPHIM prevents compatability problems in your projects and reduces the coordination effort to a minimum!


A growing system for growing demands

OSPHIM is a solution for SMEs: No matter the size of your machinery, whether you are using one or one hundred machines, OSPHIM can be used in every company due to its robust and modular system. A new machine or a new OSPHIM|BOX can swiftly be integrated into the data acquisition system independently by the user. Through cooperation with the Azure Cloud Computing Services, your data is always protected according to the highest security standards. However, if you want to opt for an on-premise solution, OSPHIM supports you with a modular implementation of your individual requirements. Nevertheless, you will still be able to access the growing number of functions provided bay OSPHIM|WEB!


Key advantages of OSPHIM for your project


On OSPHIM|WEB you will find innovative methods derived from research to optimise your prodcution processes, the system is specialised in the plastics industry.


OSPHIM is specifically adaptable to your needs. Employees can individually customise their profile and use the system as a social platform.


Through continuous further development, you will regularly receive updates that will offer you additional possibilities in the future. Due to the cloud hosting of the applications, you will not notice any updates.

Individual project planning

Corporate digitilisation strategies sometimes require very individual support. OSPHIM understands this well and will gladly implement special adaptations with you.