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OSPHIM supports you on your way to digital manufacturing!

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OSPHIM will grow in line with your demands when your company expands, e.g. when integrating further production cells or functionalities.


Clear guidance through the OSPHIM|WEB platform and simple connecting of your machines to the OSPHIM|BOX make the system operational straightaway. 


OSPHIM manages your data with high security standards in the Cloud. Feel free to contact us if you prefer an on-premise solution!


OSPHIM supports you when it comes to data collection and interpretation. Through our defined use cases, you will always know the requirements and targets of your optimisation project.


The use of our advanced algorithms reflect the state of the art in research and enables you to directly use them in your operations.

Clear Overview of Your Production

Live dashboards visualise your production wherever you are

Which parameters are you particularly interested in in your production?

OSPHIM|WEB allows you to monitor your machinery from a machine or from your office by visualising the relevant machine data. This supports the rapid detection of trends and anomalies impacting the process quality!

Screen shot aipiWEB Dashboard
Screen shot aipiWEB Maschinenliste

Management of your Production Resources

Centralised production master data

Structuring your production data requires information about your machine park. OSPHIM provides you with the option of registering injection moulding machines, moulds, materials, parts, temperature control units, scales etc. on the platform.

With just a few clicks, the registered devices can be used to set the parameters in the respective interfaces via our OSPHIM|BOXes. Or you can define associated production cells, consisting of injection moulding machine and peripherals.

Asset management in OSPHIM|WEB allows you to add new machines independently as well as to adapt the data to your needs.


OSPHIM|BOX – IIoT gateway for production

Reliable data acquisition in your production is the basic requirement for learning from the recorded data.

The OSPHIM|BOX enables the connection of heterogeneous production devices to OSPHIM|WEB. Regardless of whether your injection moulding machines can be read out serially or via Ethernet LAN! Regardless of whether they use modern OPC UA or older RS232 interface formats. Bidirectional communication between your production cells and OSPHIM is thus ensured!

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MES System

Addition to your MES or independent use

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OSPHIM optimises your processes!
While ERP and MES systems manage higher-level company processes and the optimal production flow, OSPHIM rather serves as a SCADA system. To us, this involves the communication with the means of production and their data-based improvement for production.

OSPHIM can be functionally integrated into an existing intranet of software products, yet it has also been explicitly developed for independent use. No matter the stage of your personal digitalisation and automation roadmap, OSPHIM is the ideal component for your production!


Questions frequently asked by our customers

Where will my data be processed and stored?

The OSPHIMsystem can be operated either in combination with the Microsoft Azure Cloud or on your local server. Thus, the use of a Cloud is not necessary to operate the OSPHIM system.

How will my personal data be protected?

In combination with the Azure Cloud, you will receive the full data protection supplied by Microsoft.

If you want to run OSPHIM on-premise, all data will be stored directly on the server. You control access to this data!

How complex is the installation of updates?

Updates can be installed easily if required, no specialised knowledge is necessary.

Can any user see all the information on the platform?

You can assign different roles to your employees and thus have only the required inormation displayed.

How do we integrate new machines into the system?

The OSPHIM system enables you to add new machines to your machine park independently and intuitively. The process is simple and can be done by your employees without prior training.

How many devices can be connected per OSPHIM|BOX?

We recommend using one OSPHIM|BOX per injection moulding unit.

Can the system be used without background knowledge on AI?

The system is designed to be used without any background knowledge on neural networks and machine learning. You can simply use our algorithms.

For a deeper understanding of neural networks, AI and machine learning, we offer training courses.

Can the OSPHIM|WEB app also be accessed on the go?

Yes, you can access the OSPHIM|WEB app and access information while on the move.